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Satellite For CCTV

From £20

Q Sat provides connectivity to thousands of CCTV systems throughout Ireland and the UK, giving residential and business owners comfort that their property is monitored, even when they are not in the country. An increase in thefts and damage to business facilities in remote areas, from thefts of machinery worth hundreds of thousands on remote sites to cash robberies in business owner's personal homes, has led to the development of several security solutions from CCTV monitoring to voice warning devices. The problem for security companies is how to monitor in remote areas and how to prevent jamming and line disconnections in urban areas.

As Satellite is harder to jam/block than most other solutions on the market, it is the ideal technology to offer the security and reliability that a monitoring connection demands. Q Sat CCTV package provides you with faster upload speeds, to enable higher resolution footage, AND the price is less than DSL.

Our strong partnership with Netwatch, the world leader in Asset Protection, is testament to how our product can deliver the robust connectivity that a CCTV requires.

I was stuck for connectivity for my cameras, but since I got Q Sat my farm has never been safer!

From Paul in Dunshaughlin, Meath


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