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Unlimited Off-Peak usage

What does this mean for you?

It means no more worrying about your allowance!

Between the hours of 2am and 6am, 7 days a week, we don't subtract your usage from your allowance. This means that you can download all of your movies, music, games and never use up your monthly data allowance.

How can I take advantage of unlimited usage?

Updates for software and operating systems

These important updates are often very large since they happen at least once a month they can consume your quota quite quickly. They keep your computer running in tip top condition and you should always enable the automatic updates for your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX etc.) and also any automatic updates for software (MS Office, Internet browsers and AntiVirus. Once you have the automatic update enabled you should check to see if you can schedule it to occur during Night Saver hours. You can find more information on how to do this by checking our online guides or calling our technical support phone line and we.ll talk you through the process.

Online file backup & file transfers

If you are using our service for online backup of your files or file transfers you should schedule the software you use so it only uploads and downloads during Night Saver hours.. This way your file transfers or online backups never affect your usage allowance saving it for your day time browsing.

To ensure that your usage is not deducted from your quota please check your computer clock is accurate, you can check our online guides on how to do this or contact technical support. We recommend you set automated schedules to download and upload your files within our Night Saver hours to avoid consuming your daytime usage allowance.

You can download and upload unlimited amounts of data during our Night Saver period however this is subject to network conditions and fair usage. Night Saver hours are currently between 2am and 6am for our older packages and 2am to 8am for Everyday and Family. These hours are subject to change. You will be notified of any change.

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